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oh yeah… london…

Wednesday. 11. 4. 2009.

So I went to London on Sunday to see Fredrik’s band play. The show was fantastic. There were a few disappointments in my journey but for the most part, it was pretty good. May have something to do with being able to hang out with Fredrik.

I had planned to have dinner at Asakusa, a Japanese restaurant by the venue that served traditional and REAL Japanese food but they were closed on Sundays. I was actually surprised by the amount of shops closed on Sundays in London.

I ended up walking 1.2 MILES to Ikura for dinner. Their food was good but I was still disappointed because it was just a run of the mill Japanese restaurant. I was most disappointed because Ikura was a recommendation on Chow as an izakaya. I wanted izakaya food. I wanted chicken skins on a skewer and fish heads!

On the plane over to London, I made a list of things I wanted to eat while in London. The list included fish and chips, full English breakfast and fried chicken. I managed to eat it all despite my short visit (Fredrik and I flew home on Monday morning).

I got fish and chips from Crown Fish & Chips which wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but the fish was definitely fresh. Read my review at Tasty Fish & Chips.

After the show, I got some spicy fried chicken wings, chips and Ribena. Just the right kind of food for after a concert.

spicy fried chicken wings & chips

We had about 3 hours of waiting at Heathrow before our flight so we got breakfast at The Bridge Bar and Eating House. They apparently renovated the place since I was last there. I think I prefer the old cozy British pub atmosphere. Perhaps the next time they renovate it again, they’d name the place The Bridge Bar and Food Shack.

I got the Classic Full English Breakfast, 2 fried eggs, bacon, 1/2 tomato, mushroom and sausage. I forgot to take a picture of it before I started eating. Unfortunately it was only AFTER eating that we saw that the cafe across from the waiting hall that had baked beans in their breakfast. Perhaps that’s where I’ll get my full English breakfast next time in Heathrow.

full English breakfast

Ever since Hong Kong, I’ve decided that I would buy food to bring on the plane. This is even more important when flying with SAS because they don’t even give complimentary nuts/pretzels and drink. I got myself a delicious Peking duck wrap from EAT. It could’ve gone without the mayo. It made me wish I had found out about it sooner. I could’ve eaten at least 4 of them while I was in London.

peking duck wrap from EAT

I’m hoping that Fredrik and I can go to London in the near future for a proper vacation. If I had a few more days to spend in England, I would’ve liked to add Jamaican food, a couple more helpings of fish and chips and Chinese food from Chinatown to my list.

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  1. Wednesday. 11. 4. 2009. 8.42 pm

    unfortunatly from all the times i’ve been to England i’ve hardly brought any good memories of the food.

    • Wednesday. 11. 4. 2009. 9.57 pm

      Perhaps you’ve just been going to the wrong places. I prefer not to eat near the attractions. It also depends on what kind of food you’re eating. If you go to England expecting good Spanish food, chances are, it’s not going to be as good as the Spanish food you got in Spain. If you go to England and get Chinese food in a restaurant filled with non Chinese people, chances are, it’s not REAL Chinese food.

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