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soup for the sick

Tuesday. 11. 3. 2009.

Fredrik is sick with the flu, so I made chicken noodle soup.

I used the whole chicken I had in the freezer. I defrosted it first in the fridge. Popped it in my cast aluminum pot with enough water to cover most of the chicken and some chopped celery, chopped onion and about 5 small carrots, chopped. Season with some black pepper corns, thyme and a couple bay leaves. Bring it down to a simmer when it comes to a boil.

I let it cook for at least 2 hours. The meat on the chicken should almost fall off the bone. Fish the chicken out and let it cool so you can pick and shred the meat without burning your fingers. I set mine out on the balcony in a covered bowl.

shredded chicken

I reserved some of the shredded chicken ’cause I didn’t want to overload the soup with too much chicken. Chicken soup is about the soup. At least in my opinion.

chicken soup

I added a bit more than a cup of dried fusilli into the soup after it was brought back to a boil. I also added some more water since the pasta is dried.

I also decided to be a bit “adventurous” this time. I’ve read and heard that garlic is supposed to be good against colds and flu. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to add a few cloves of garlic. Well… a “few” ended up being about 6-7 cloves. Smashed them with the flat of the knife. It did turn out really good. It’s also REALLY garlicky.

crushed garlic

The pasta continued to suck up the soup after it’s done cooking. The chicken soup ended up putting Chunky Soup’s chicken soup to shame.

chicken noodle soupThis picture was taken before the pasta sucked up most of the soup.

We have enough soup to feed a small army. I’ve put away 2 large containers of soup into the freezer for later consumption. I’m thinking that I might turn 1 portion into a chicken chowder of sorts.

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