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woo packages!

Monday. 11. 2. 2009.

We came back from London this afternoon.

I came home to 2 pick up notices. My order from Amazon UK!

Sometime last week, I had a moment of weakness. I found out that Amazon UK was shipping not just books to Sweden and splurged a little. I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t regret it!

I got myself a copy of Martha Stewart’s Cookies, Cook with Jamie and Nigella Bites.

My favourite thing about Martha Stewart’s Cookies is the picture table of contents. There’s a picture of the cookie and the cookies are categorized by their characteristics. There’s not many cookie recipes missing from this book.

Cook with Jamie is super informative. I took a look at the book at Noel & Ryan’s. Thought it was great that he included things like tips on how to buy the best cut of meat. Sometimes grocery shopping can be a bit of a mystery. How do I know if the carrot I’m holding in my hand is the one I should be buying? I’m always worried that I picked the crappiest of the lot. Don’t ask.

Nigella Lawson is… well… I think she’s fabulous. I’ll admit that there have been more than 1 occasion where I watched her show to see her. She’s gorgeous in my eyes. The fact that she loves food and makes delicious foods just makes her even hotter. Her recipes are also pretty good. She makes food that I’m willing to eat. So far I’ve got 4 out of the 7 books she’s written. Hoping to get the rest of them at some point in time.

But the books are not all!

I got the Joseph Joseph nested bowl set!

It’s every bit as wonderful as I expected. I just LOVE it. It’s a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Think I’ll give it a test run sometime this week. Just need to decide on what I should make using it.

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