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fried fish and some sort of mayo covered cauliflower

Friday. 10. 30. 2009.

Yesterday I met up with some forum folks at the Southside Pub in Södermalm. Thursday nights are pub quiz nights. We didn’t win but I won a drink.

I had the Irish style fish and chips. I’m not too sure what the Irish do differently from the rest of the UK. It was however not just covered in bread crumbs like the usual fish and chips one gets in Stockholm. It may not have been a delicious bit of deep fried batter covered halibut but it did satisfy me. Until Sunday that is (I’m heading to London on Sunday.).  😉

The confusing thing about it was the mayo covered clump next to the salad. I thought it was tartare sauce at first but then I found a cauliflower hidden in it. I wonder what the hell that was supposed to be.

There’s a lovely girl in Halifax that blogs about the fish and chips: Tasty Fish & Chips.

Southside Pub
Hornsgatan 104
117 26 Stockholm
08 669 50 52

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