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it starts with sweet condensed milk

Wednesday. 10. 28. 2009.

Ahhh… Sweet gooey milk. What it’s original use was, I have no idea. I recall my dad telling me that when he was young (he was poor growing up) he would thin down sweet condensed milk with water and drink it like milk. I grew up spreading it on well buttered toast. My dad would have it with peanut butter on bread. There are a lot of foods I like that came from my dad.


Now if you want to make dulce de leche, you start with sweet condensed milk. People boil it in the can (REMEMBER to punch holes in the top so you don’t have a sticky milky explosion). I boiled mine in a glass jar. It take a really long time but it’s worth it. Stir it every so often because the bottom will start to brown before the top does.


I made dulce de leche because I came across David Lebovitz’s recipe for dulce de leche brownies. (I used only 1/2 cup of sugar. I figured that the brownie was already sweet enough with the chocolate and dulce de leche.) Now the flat smells like brownies. It’s quite wonderful.

dulce de leche brownie

I wish Fredrik was home so he can sample this with me.

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