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gives me a headache

Friday. 10. 23. 2009.

I was watching this show, “Cooking in the Danger Zone” and the episode I was watching took place in Israel and the West Bank. I cannot continue watching it because some of the interviews and things that took place just gave me a massive headache.

There was a Jewish settler that was going about how God had given them the land and that the Palestinians should be grateful that the Jewish people have been so kind and generous to let them live on “their” land.

There was also a segment about one of the Palestinian towns in the West Bank. Apparently the Israeli fence prevents them from farming on their own land and going to their olive groves. So the townspeople have a demonstration every Friday down to the fence and the Israeli army uses tear gas and rubber bullets to keep the crowd from approaching the fence. The demonstrators are not even threatening at all. It was ridiculous.

I’ve always found Israel’s claim to be a bit preposterous.

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