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norway… full of norwegians

Thursday. 10. 15. 2009.

I met this guy who told me that Beijing was full of Chinese people when I asked him what he thought of Beijing.

So I’m home again. The flat is kinda dusty and full of dirty laundry. The plan is to do some tidying and laundry. Today and tomorrow are both blank days, I’m hoping to get some stuff accomplished around home.

Oslo was nice. The show was a bit packed. It was a sold out show.

The food in Oslo was good. Fredrik and I wanted some fish/seafood but the restaurant we were heading to was closed. We settled for the place next door. Still got fish/seafood. That was pretty nice. Think I’ll try to make the creamy mussel pasta sometime in the future.

Took the train down to Göteborg. Passed a few fjords on the way.

I got really drunk in Göteborg. Fredrik booked us into this super nice hotel. I loved the decor. He picked it ’cause he knew I’d love it.

My favourite was the wallpaper.

Show in Göteborg was pretty good too.

For some reason I find that Göteborg has more of a stylish feel than Stockholm. Perhaps I just haven’t wandered around in some of the more stylish parts of Stockholm. Or it has to do with the size of Göteborg. It’s a smaller city and things are more condensed and concentrated.

Took the train back yesterday. There was an old lady sitting across from me that kept changing her seat. At first I wondered if it was me but after the 3rd time she changed seats, I left it at her.

I should probably get the day going. Don’t want to dilly dally in front of the computer all day. Not to mention I’m at that point that I’m starting to feel like I’m covered in dust and cat hair.

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