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frustrating as hell

Monday. 10. 5. 2009.

There are a few courses aside from Swedish that I have to do before I can apply for university.

I assumed that applying to study here would be as easy as studying back home. I just had to contact the local education board, find out where the evening courses are, register and start. Easy as pie.

Well that’s not the case here.

I registered myself for a Swedish course and physics for the upcoming semester. I was turned down for the physics course.

Was it because I don’t have the requirements? No.

Was it because the course was full or cancelled? No.

Apparently I’m only allowed to study Swedish and English through the adult education program. I have been studying for too long. If I want to take these other courses, I’m going to have to finance it myself.

Ok fine. So I’ll finance them myself. But where do I find these courses?

The lady I was speaking to tells me to find them through Google.

Gee… thanks a lot.

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