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could this be the reason?

Wednesday. 09. 30. 2009.

I’ve noticed that in the recent years, I’ve started to dislike autumn. The blahs just hit me extra hard around autumn in the last few years.

Today I was thinking about why I could be feeling like this and it kind of dawned on me. Perhaps it’s the dreading of time going by. But then I thought about it some more and I realized that it’s the idea that another summer has passed by and I’m still as craptacular as I was last autumn.

Since I finished at Seneca, I haven’t had much to look forward to in the autumn. York University was a bust. Mälardalen Högskolan was a complete disappointment. This autumn is going all right but it’s nothing that’s making me think, “Oh yay! I can’t wait!”

I need that SOMETHING.

Hopefully next autumn will bring me that SOMETHING. If all goes as planned, I could start dental school next year. Then I’ll definitely have something really awesome to be excited about. Oh the learning. It will be so rewarding.

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