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another week goes by

Sunday. 09. 6. 2009.

The past week has gone by quickly and rather strangely. Can’t say that it’s a nice thing.

I just realized that I didn’t write write that thing I was supposed to hand in on Thursday. Shit.

I’d like to point out that when there’s stuff going on, it tends to clump together.

We went out for dinner with some friends on Wednesday.

Drove up to Öregrund to see Fredrik’s mom on Thursday and spent the night there. Her cat, Nisse, was not happy that we were there. Gave us a few “WTF” mews.

Then on Friday we saw Engel at a club called “The Cave”. Unfortunately it was not actually located in a cave.

Last night we had dinner over at other friends’ place. I had a strange fit of allergies. Not to mention some serious arm pain.

Today we went around checking out houses. Fredrik got his tattoo started and I arranged mine.

The arm still hurts and I’m tired.

Time for bed.

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