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mmm clam chowder

Sunday. 08. 30. 2009.

When I was a kid, my family went to Cape Cod kind of often. We loved whale watching and the seafood. I love Provincetown and Boston. I’d really like to go to Cape Cod sometime with Fredrik in the near future. Perhaps next year. We’ll see.

One of my favourite foods includes the New England clam chowder. Unfortunately fresh little neck clams are not that readily available here in Sweden. The clams in clam chowder aren’t so great either. I prefer them stir fried with some black bean and garlic sauce. I intend to get my fill of that in Hong Kong in less than 2 weeks.

I did, however, find a fish monger in the city and they sold cans of clams. Tonight I made New England clam chowder and it was DELICIOUS! Fredrik thinks I should make it more often. I’m thinking about doing a chicken and corn chowder next.

fish + clam chowder

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe as a base. She had a chowder feature in the the August 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living. I learned about the Manhattan Clam Chowder from that feature. I had no idea that it existed.

As usual, I made modifications of my own. I added diced carrots, peas, sweet corn and chunks of fish (Alaskan pollock). I also used fish bouillon and the juice from the canned clams. Since the clams were already cooked, I put them in the bowls instead of dropping them back in the soup. Fredrik wasn’t the biggest fan of the clams but like I told him, it was more for the clam juice.

The chowder is also rather soup like. Not thick like the commercial stuff I had in the past. You can thicken it with some flour if you want. I thought it was kind of nice to have it soup like. Sometimes the thick soups can be a bit heavy.

Serve with some knäckebröd. DELICIOUS!

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