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some seriously bad dreams

Thursday. 08. 27. 2009.

Lately I’ve been having some seriously disturbing dreams. If only they were gory and bloody. No. They involved my ex. Not even the pleasant ex. The bad ex. The one that was a total douche bag and showed up at my work  in the middle of the night on a few occasions. Creepy? YES!

When I had my first dream I thought it was a one off thing. Last night I had another one. At least last night’s dream wasn’t as bad as the first one. In my first dream, he tried to rape me. That was seriously scary. I woke up feeling like total shit. It was made worse because Fredrik off playing a festival so I woke up alone in bed.

Apparently dreaming about rape deals with control issues. Which made a lot of sense because my relationship with the ex did involve him trying to take control of me. Thank god I snapped out of it and told him to go screw himself.

Funniest thing was him calling me 3 months after we broke up asking me if I had anything to say to him. What he wanted to hear was me telling him that I had made a mistake. I left him for my then best friend and was definitely in no hurry to get back to him.

So last night’s dream involved going to a show with my friends from Canada. Fredrik was playing this festival sort of thing and he was going to meet up with us. But before he came, I ran into my ex which made me super uncomfortable. Things kind of got worse when we did the usual, “So what’s going on with you.” I felt like he thought I was lying about being married to Fredrik and living in Sweden. I wished for Fredrik to show up so badly. But he didn’t. 😦

Here’s hoping dude won’t be revisiting my dreamscapes anymore. It’s unnerving me.

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