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itching for ink

Tuesday. 08. 25. 2009.

I’ve decided that I’m going to get a tattoo of Ull and Milo and it’ll be on my upper left arm.

Chris and Irene did this absolutely gorgeous painting of a photo of Ull and Milo and they made the two look almost heart shaped. With Milo’s tail hanging down like a balloon string.

That’ll be the main focus of the tattoo. Then there’ll be a banner with their names and chickadees.

I’ve done a mockup of it. I’m going to bring in some additional photos of Ull and Milo so the artist can do a bit more work of his own like make Ull a bit more fluffy because he looks rather skinny in the photo.

with birds!

I’m really excited about it. Unfortunately the artist I’ve chosen is on holidays until September. I’m thinking that I’d get it done after we get back from Hong Kong. Sun is not a friend of a fresh tattoo.

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