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wooden earrings

Monday. 08. 24. 2009.

I bought a pair of wooden double tapered plugs from my friend’s shop (Culture Rising) before I left Canada.

They’re probably the best earrings I’ve ever had.


I’ve always had problems getting earrings because I’m allergic to even surgical steel. Most places offer surgical steel especially when you go up in gauge. I’ve always worn acrylic earrings because it’s not to often that I can find wooden or bone earrings in smaller gauges. Now that the holes in my ears are stretched to 0g, the options are much better.

I was still having some problems with acrylic earrings. The holes were pretty gross smelling. Every so often they would get infected or my ears would get irritated. There were a few times that I considered just not bothering.

Then I got these wooden plugs. So far so good. Not to mention the whole ear cheese thing is totally gone. I also don’t have any problems putting my earrings back in if I took them out for too long. I do believe I’ll be getting myself some more wooden earrings.

Here’s a set of photos I took while I was stretching my ear holes, along with other piercings and tattoos.

Speaking of tattoos, I’m planning on getting another tattoo done. Going to get it on my left upper arm. Keep it above the elbows. Black and grey. Of Ull & Milo. Hoping to do it this fall. We’ll see.

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