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a slice of life

Sunday. 08. 23. 2009.

My order from Amazon came in last week. I got A Slice of Organic Life and Living with Chickens.

A Slice of Organic Life is a pretty good beginner’s book. It kind of leads up to the other self sufficiency book I have. You can take it slowly and the things they teach you to do is a bit more doable in an urban situation. It does include some more advanced things you can do like keeping a goat, cow and chickens. But most people can grow a bit of salad greens in a window box and make their own preserves.

I’ve only flipped through Living with Chickens. It looks like a pretty thorough guide to keeping your own chickens.

I’m really looking forward to keeping some chickens of our own. Although I don’t think that’ll be a reality any time soon ’cause we’ll probably get a place that is a bit too crowded for chickens. But who knows right?

Yesterday at the grocery store, I told Fredrik to get some more eggs and he asked, “Already?” He eats an egg every day. And he wonders why I want to keep chickens.

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