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back to school again

Friday. 08. 21. 2009.

School started again this past Monday. So far so good. The teacher seems competent and I finally have a feeling that I am going in the right direction. The teacher is also helpful in advising what I should do with my Swedish.

All this just makes my last year of school feel like such a waste of time.

Aside from knowing the people I know now from Mälardalen, most of it was a ridiculous waste of time. Not to mention all the time I spent on commuting to Västerås. I could’ve been doing something more productive and more important. Probably would feel less burnt out with the Swedish.

I did have a wee anxiety attack on Monday. It had more to do with being out and about and going into a class where I don’t know anyone and don’t know what to expect.

It’s more stressful because if this is not the place for me then I really have nowhere else to turn.

Luckily for me, my teacher is lovely and while the class can be better, I’ve already met someone who wants to be there because they want to learn.

It’s been a while since I felt good about being back in school. The last year was really not nice at all. I’m hoping that I’ll get my groove back and be able to fill my head with Swedish.

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