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Friday. 08. 14. 2009.

So I’ve been thinking about “revamping” the blog. I want it to be useful to someone. I want people to read it and go, “Ahhh… that was good to know” and not feel like they’ve just wasted their time reading about some woman living in Stockholm complain about the people on the subway.

Most tips towards better blogging suggest that I offer something useful to people. My expertise so they say. Funny thing is that I’m an expert at not very much. It’s almost safe to say that I’m an expert at nothing.

I also don’t have the concentration to stick to 1 subject. People who blog about knitting actually knit regularly. To top it all off, they have the patience and consistency to blog about what they’ve been doing. I may blog about 1 thing, forget about 5 things.

Perhaps that’s my thing. To be a bit of a crap blogger that is persistent enough to keep blogging about the pointless things in her life. Who knows. But apparently there are people out there reading.

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