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Friday. 08. 14. 2009.

Tool had a song called Die Eier Von Satan which is a recipe for a cookie with no eggs.

I just polished off a plate of pancakes with no eggs. We ran out of eggs, I forgot to get some yesterday while I was out and about. I wanted pancakes and I didn’t want to head to the shops just yet.

I looked up substitutes for eggs and to my disappointment, I have no corn flour left either. But I do have Bird’s custard mix and that’s corn flour with colouring and flavouring. So I used that.

They turned out pretty good.

no eggs pancake

I used 1tbsp of Bird’s, a bit more milk than usual to make up for the liquid the egg would’ve had and flour.

Sorry for the lack of measurements. You should be used to it by now.

Now that I think about it. I’ve made no egg pancakes before. When Karamjit came to visit me, I made her no eggs pancakes because she’s technically not supposed to eat eggs because of her religion. I think I used Bird’s custard also.

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