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so this is it?

Monday. 07. 20. 2009.

Lately I haven’t done much but work. As much as I love my current job, this is definitely not the job I see myself spending the rest of my life doing.

I’ve been thinking lately that life is pretty tedious.

Wake up.

Brush teeth.

Feed cats.

Head to work.

Sell sausages.

Eat lunch.

Sell more sausages.

Clean up.

Head home.

Feed cats.


Feed self.

Sit in front of TV & laptop.

Go to bed.



If I don’t have these plans to become a dentist, with the idea that being a dentist is what I want to do with myself. I think I would call it quits.

Seriously though.

40 years of doing the same tedious thing. It’s no wonder people become barflies.

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