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dumplings everyday…

Sunday. 07. 19. 2009.

The guys at work asked me about dumplings a few weeks ago. “Asked” might be a bit too polite. More like badgered me about dumplings.

So after looking up the Japanese shop that I usually get my dumpling skins and finally finding a day that I could go after work. Most small shops are closed after I’m finished with work.

I went on to making about 80 dumplings.

As it turns out, 80 dumplings get eaten up pretty quickly.

So yesterday I stopped by the Japanese shop again after work. Brought home a big bag of mince pork.

Today I’ve made 60 so far. I had some for lunch and the rest are in the freezer. I need to wait till they’re done freezing before I can begin with the 60+ more I intend to make. Our freezer is rather small and we have quite a bit of stuff in it.

We should have at least enough dumplings to satisfy our craving.

I find that it’s always nice to keep a few in the freezer for those days when I don’t feel like making a lunch. Just pop them in the frying pan and voila! A quick and delicioius lunch in about 10 minutes.

This time, I’ve mixed half of the filling with chopped up pieces of shrimp.

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