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old people… what a bunch of bastards…

Wednesday. 07. 8. 2009.

Just to clarify… I don’t actually think old people are a bunch of bastards. But they can be bastards at times.

The neighbourhood that I work in is not exactly what you would describe as being full of young people. Let’s put it at 45 and up. Frankly… the young can’t afford the area and haven’t been around to be able to get their hands on a flat in the area.

I had an old woman come into the shop today asking for a lamb pie. When I told her that we had none, she gave me this look as if she was accusing me of hiding a lamb pie on her. I suppose there are shop personals that don’t bother looking (not here) but I know that we don’t have any lamb pies. I’m not hiding any pies on them nor am I being lazy.

This is not the first time I’ve seen that look. I’ve gotten it many times over the last 5-6 months I’ve been working here.

I don’t find it so anger inducing but I do find it rather humorous. I almost wish I was hiding a pie or sausages on these people.

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