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a dose of crazy

Sunday. 07. 5. 2009.

The other day I was doing laundry and I saw an interracial couple in the laundry room. The guy was a Swede and the girl, Asian. For some reason I had a moment of “Ugh…” despite the face that the guy and the girl were of relative age to each other.

I’m fully aware of the fact that my reaction is completely retarded.

In Canada, seeing interracial couples would not even make me blink. Apparently it’s a different story here.

I was thinking that perhaps it has something to do with the amount of old Swedish men with young Asian, I’m actually going to say girls that I’ve seen here. In Canada, there are old caucasian men with young Asian girls but the frequency is not like it is here. Perhaps there are loads in Canada but I don’t see them as often as I see them here.

I’m sure that there are couples out there that are based on love but you hear about way too many couples that are about getting identities and/or money.

I know that my concerns are irrational but there are times that I wonder if people think I’m with Fredrik because I want to get an identity in Sweden. I’ve gotten a few odd looks from people. It also doesn’t help when people insist that I’m from China even after I tell them that I’m from Canada and born in Hong Kong.

But I suppose everyone has something irration that makes them go “Ugh…” I’m trying my best to keep those thoughts contained.

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  1. utariwidura permalink
    Thursday. 07. 16. 2009. 11.00 pm

    Well, that thought has ever crossed my mind as well. We can’t deny there are people who do that for certain reasons. I’m Indonesian currently dating a Belgian, fortunately we’re at the same age, my reason choosing a caucasian is not about getting an identity or money. In my viewpoint caucasian men are more masculin and independent, so I feel like I’m protected and treated like a lady.

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