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plans have been deverted

Sunday. 05. 31. 2009.

I was supposed to go see Radius and Helena last night.

But then the buffet food I ate for my brother’s birthday earlier that day made my stomach yell, “NO. NO. NO.” The food was pretty disgusting too.

So now I’m home. When I should’ve been waking up at The Manor and possibly heading out for another round of Black Metal Brunch with Denise.

I suppose I COULD head out now. But I also dont’ know if the parents have any plans now that I’m home instead of sleeping over at The Manor.

I’m not completely disappointed tho. I was really tired yesterday. If I had gone to the show I might’ve wished I could lie down for a sleep.

It’s getting on to 1 week with this tonsil pain. It still hasn’t gone away yet. I’m being more strict with the gurgling of salty water and the drinking of the citrus drinks. I’ll beat this thing without going to the doctors! You watch me! (I’ve also forgotten my health card. Hence the avoiding the doctor business. But I do want to be able to deal with this without antibiotics.)

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