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sultry chicken

Thursday. 05. 28. 2009.

This cough of mine that I’ve acquired from the French is not letting go. My voice is still wonky and every so often a syllable will kinda disappear when I talk to people.

I’m on my own. Well not like how I was on my own when Fredrik was on tour but he’s gone back to Sweden now. I’ll see him in a couple weeks. This is peanuts comparing to the last tour.

We went to get wedding photos last Friday. I failed to mention in my last post that the lady that did the make up SHAVED my eyebrows. Not all of it. But to shape it. I would’ve been totally fine with plucking or waxing but then I suppose it would’ve been kinda red and unpleasant. But shaving is really no better. Now I have STUBBLE at eyebrow level. I was a bit shocked when she was there shaving my eyebrows but I figured she was the one holding the sharp object.

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