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sick but surrounded by everyone i like

Tuesday. 05. 26. 2009.

We’re reaching the back end of the week Fredrik will be here. Kinda sad that he has to go but our boys need him and so do his boys. At least the key people got to see him and he got to meet and greet some others.

I have been dementedly sick since Friday. Great since we had our appointment for our wedding photos. I did most of those feeling ok. Then things kinda went downhill. Fredrik was feeling a bit ill too. I slept for most of the evening feeling like someone had severely beaten me. God I love having a fever.

Luckily I managed to get myself back together for Saturday. We went to my favourite diner (Patrician Grill) for breakfast. Fredrik got to meet Terry and Terry got to give us our congrats and his condolences.

Then we wandered the streets of the downtown core. I made my first Apple store purchase: an USB Power Adapter. My iPhone comes with the old iPod power adapter with the interchangable sockets. I wanted the North American USB power adapter because it looks like a sugar lump with the prongs sticking out of it. I fell in love with it when I saw it last year (my aunt and uncle has iPhones).

We bought a ridiculous amount of food from Buddha’s for the potluck. Managed to run into nearly EVERYONE at my old work.

There was so much food and everything was so lovely EXCEPT I was loosing my voice. Irene said that I sounded very serious or angry. Someone suggested that I was sounding sultry. I started to relate the term sultry to chicken. Don’t ask why. Mmm… sultry chicken. Maybe I’m mixing up sultry with salty.

We got 2 wedding cakes. One from everyone at the manor. Awesomely crafted. One from Salma which was more targeted towards me.

“Go have your own babies!” is what I have to say to her.

We got Black Metal Brunch at Graffiti with Denise. There was a brief guest starring Genevieve. Linda makes the yummiest food. We’re hoping to go again this coming Sunday.

I got a prescription for Effexor from my doctor yesterday.

I’m still coughing out green chunks and occasionally getting bouts of vertigo.

Today is going to be a full day. Lots to find and we’re going to see the results of our photoing on Friday. Hope they’ll turn out ok. I don’t usually photo well.

OH. I also bought that Juicy bag I had my eye on but had no justification for. Tara bought a Juicy bag and I checked out the insides and what not. Then Denise, Irene, Tara and I had a council meeting. After much debate, my justification is that it’s my wedding gift. Since we went with “no gifts” from our friends. I’m hoping that it’ll arrive at my aunt’s place before I leave. *fingers crossed*

OH. It’s also not a Juicy bag once I get my hands on it. I’ve been calling it my succulent bag. I’m thinking about taking out the Juicy stitching and sewing in “succulent” instead.

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