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Thursday. 05. 21. 2009.


This post is posted in Canada.

It’s nice to be “home”. I’m starting to get used to this many homes idea. Sweden is home and so is Canada.

Nice to see the family and will be nice to see my friends.

As usual, I’m missing our kitties. Hope they’re not too upset that we’re gone but Fredrik will be home to tend to them not too long. Then I shall be there to be play mom again.

I’ve had a few nice chats with MY mom. I miss those mother-daughter moments. It takes a mother to understand some of the situations you go though and to comfort you properly. Not to mention share your outrage over certain issues.

I found out that my grandmother had a minor stroke a couple days ago. That’s got me worrying but she’s apparently fine now. Has new medication and is getting good care. I’ll see her in a couple weeks, along with the most of my extended family.

I think these 3 weeks will be fabulous. Really looking forward to the things planned.

Only problem I have now is that I forgot my meds back in Sweden. Hopefully Dr.Head will be able to sort that out for me. I’m most worried about going through withdraws and if things don’t work out, having to restart the meds and going through the bucket of side effects that was OH SO MUCH FUN.

sleeping Milo

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