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going MAD

Thursday. 05. 14. 2009.

It’s less than 1 week till Fredrik comes home and I am simply going MAD.

I usually get a bit antsy the week before he comes home. But this time I’m going MAD.

There’s a lot of adjustments and adaptations involved around the time he leaves and when he comes home. Some good. Some not so good. Most of the time it just throws a wrench into my “neatly organized” abstract routine. But I’ll save that for another post.

Perhaps it’s the fact that this tour is 7 weeks long. Perhaps it’s also the fact that there’s at least a 6 hour time difference between us. Perhaps it’s also the fact that he’s been in countries in the past couple of weeks where his mobile doesn’t work and there’s limited internet access.

His tech sees him more often in 1 year than I do!

Side note: Ull’s whining that the birds have not visited the feeders. I really wish he would understand that it’s not up to me.


So I’ve been thinking about how much it sucks to have a husband that is gone so often. Mind you, if I had to make a choice (which I already did), I’d choose this life over the alternative. As I told Noel the other day, “Some Fredrik in my life is still better than no Fredrik in my life.”

I also got to thinking that there’s part of me that could meet other people who may be in the same situation as me. It’s like how I don’t like talking about being depression with people who has never been through a bout of depression. There’s sad and then there’s losing the will to live. 2 different things. In relations to Fredrik being a touring musician… there’s having to stay at work late but ultimately coming home to sleep in the same bed and requiring a 10hr flight to even hug the person.

I never thought to google “wives of touring musicians” but I did today. Surprisingly quite a few hits came up.

I still may have to start my own support group/forum but at least I know that there are people out there that I can complain about missing my husband and they know exactly how I feel.

5 tips for musicians’ wives

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