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what to do what to do

Wednesday. 05. 13. 2009.

I have the day off. It’s too nice to stay inside. But at the same time I don’t need to get anything or do anything that requires me leaving the flat.

I should probably vacuum seeing that the mini Ulls and Milos are starting to gather in the corners and plotting some sort of revenge. But it’s too nice of a day to be home cleaning.

I wish I had friends that lived near me that I can go out for a coffee or have lunch with. I know that if we were living in Toronto, I’d be giving Noel a ring as soon as he gets enough beauty sleep.

I guess I can bike to the apotek to get Milo his deworming medication.

I still haven’t taken him to the vet to get his one year vaccine. I can’t find the door to the cat box and he’s too fidgety to take without some sort of restraining device. I’m sure he’ll manage even if he gets his shots a bit late. We don’t have to really worry about the cats getting sick since they’re indoor cats that don’t come in contact with any other animals except for a few bugs that they like to eat. They’re essentially living in a biodome of sorts. The cats do need more cat grass. But that can also wait.

I suppose I should do SOME studying for tomorrow’s test. I hope I get placed into a good class so I can finish this SAS Gundläggande as soon as possible and start taking SAS A + B, math and physics. I’m looking forward to learning some real stuff. I’ve been so bored in this class. I’ve learned all this stuff. At least the teacher is certain about the material she’s teaching. Not like Tatiana who only confused us with her over explaining and always sounding so uncertain.

I’m thinking that maybe I will take Mandarin since I just need 1 more class to make up the 400 credits I need to apply for CSN.

Anyways. Sitting in front of the laptop isn’t going to do me any good. Maybe I’ll start with some sewing.

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