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the open sandwich

Friday. 05. 8. 2009.

Here in Sweden it’s all about the open sandwich. Your deli meat threatening to slip off in a moment. Jam threatening to dribble down your arm as you eat.

Maybe that’s why the Swedes use so much butter and things such as red beet salad (pickled red beets & mayo) to keep their sandwich toppings from becoming floor toppings.

Fredrik and I call them incomplete sandwiches after seeing a bread commercial in Canada. SWOOSH!


Yesterday I was at McDonalds (I was hungry! Yeah I know that’s not the best choice to actually combat hunger.) and there was an old man sitting across the table from me. I noticed that he had the bottom half of his cheeseburger lying on his tray. Then I looked at what he was eating. He was eating his cheeseburger as an open sandwich!!

The Swedes… they’re all mad.

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