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my little pony parker

Friday. 05. 8. 2009.

I’m rewatching Sex and the City. There’s nothing good on TV and I’ve rewatched Seinfeld one too many times.

I tend to miss a lot of things when I watch a show the first time around. Even the second time around. Probably explains why I can rewatch movies, tv shows and reread books.

This time around… I am seriously noticing that SATC is quite homophobic.

Sure there’s Stanford but the views and opinion on lesbians are very homophobic.

The episode that really bugged me was the one where Carrie dated a bisexual guy. The idea that bisexuality didn’t exist but is a thing of generation Y.

The girls’ reaction to Samantha told them about her relationship with Maria was not very impressive either. Nor is the representations of a lesbian relationship. What do you mean all they do is take baths and talk???

To some degree, the opinions expressed about gay guys is not that flattering either. The characters are so stereotypical and seen as more of an accessory.

I wonder if I’m the only one that feels this way.

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