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women… what a bunch of bastards…

Tuesday. 04. 28. 2009.

So I started learning Swedish again. This time I’ve gone with the adult education route.

Class started last week.

Overall everyone in the class are nice. The students come from literally EVERYWHERE. There’s Afganistan, Colombia, Phillippines and Iraq to name a few.

A woman from Palestine have kind of taken a liking to me. She keeps feeding me. 🙂

There are also 2 girls who keeps giving me the crazy eyes.

For those of you with a penis, you might have some trouble understanding the crazy eyes.

For the fairer of the sexes, you know what I’m talking about. That “You can’t be better than me” look.

They’re both younger than me and I keep catching them looking at me with the crazy eyes.

I am NOT appreciating it. I don’t even know what I’ve done that could warrant getting the crazy eyes.

I’m just going to conclude with… females are CRAZY.

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  1. viktoryian permalink
    Tuesday. 04. 28. 2009. 9.39 pm

    Oh, common, not all females are like that! Even though I must admit that there are too many women out there who look at the whole female sex with “crazy eyes”. I don´t know if it´s a lack of confidance or hate… It´s stupid anyway. They are silly! Forgive them!

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