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things tossed upside down

Monday. 04. 27. 2009.

It’s nearly half way into the tour and I’m still feeling a bit messed up.

I don’t really know why and how I can make things go by easier. Fredrik said that I was a bit fuddy duddy over the last US tour too. I frankly can’t remember.

I guess that’s how the mind protects itself. It forgets/blocks memories of the really crappy times.

Think about some of your past relationships. Not too often does one remember the fights and the cruddy times. It’s usually fond memories of the past.

Ull’s sitting on the coffee table sniffing for a possible bug.

Spring is here in Stockholm and that means bugs. Bugs = snacks for the cats

He’s sniffed out my yoghurt and musli. No yoghurt and musli for cats!

I used to think eating yoghurt and musli was like eating wood chips. Now I love the stuff. Mind you, I still stay very far away from the ones that have raisins. I don’t like old people in my yoghurt.

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