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so what’s it like?

Thursday. 04. 16. 2009.

I tend to get a lot of curious questions about Fredrik after people find out that he’s a full time musician. As most puts it, “So what’s it like to be with a rock star?”

It’s interesting since I don’t see Fredrik as a “rock star”. When I say that he’s just a normal person, some are surprised and some can be disappointed.

Contrary to what one may thing is part of a “rock star’s” life, they do things most normal people do too. When they shit, it stinks. When they get hungry, they eat food. When their ass itches, they scratch.

Sometimes I feel bad for shattering someone’s preconceived notion of what our life is like but then what should I say? That we party every night and live on booze and chips? I don’t think so.

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