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second hand stores

Thursday. 04. 16. 2009.

They’re full of great finds.

I used to go to Salvation Army and Good Will every week with an old friend of mine. I’ve found some really neat things including an Apple Computers mug which I sold on eBay for more than $100.

Yesterday I went to a charitable second hand store by our flat and came home with an arm full of goodies. A lovely Husqvarna enameled cast iron pot/dutch oven. A retro/vintage Pyrex pie dish, 2 not so vintage/retro Pyrex pie dish and a copy of The Last Emperor.

All this for less than $35!

My favourite item is the Husqvarna dutch oven. Can’t wait to give it a run.

Husqvarna enameled cast iron pot

Fredrik’s response to my purchases: “Oh boy! More pots!” with just a hint of sarcasm.

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