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time for change

Monday. 04. 13. 2009.

The longest portions of my hair reaches my waist.

I have a hair appointment on Tuesday to get my hair cut.

I’m thinking short. No longer than shoulder-ish length. Maybe some sort of short bangs/fringe action.

I’m not sure yet.

I’ve been looking though some pictures on the good ol’ interweb and I haven’t found anything I really want. I think I’ll leave it to my hairdresser (I’ve booked an appointment with the same girl that cut my hair in January). I know that I told her last time that I wanted something I don’t want to take too much time prepping but I think this time I’m ready to commit.

I’m tired of the long hair.

Fredrik’s not terribly fond of this decision but what can he do? It’s my hair. He’s just worried that I’d look like a guy. Isn’t that nice.

Here are some cuts I think is cute. The key is cute hair. There was a customer I was serving that had this super cute haircut and I think that fuelled my desire to get a haircut.

I’d really like curly without having to go out and get myself a curling iron. I have wavy hair and it can get almost curly when it’s short enough.

I suppose I shouldn’t go too short since going really short requires frequent hair cuts and we all know I don’t want to do that.

We’ll see what my hairdresser comes up with. Sometimes I wish I had the patience to dye my hair.

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