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the french are sweet in so many ways

Sunday. 04. 5. 2009.

My friend Emmanuelle got me a madeleine pan as a wedding gift even though I told her that it wasn’t needed.

I had asked her to find me a madeleine pan the last time she went back to France. Surprisingly, she couldn’t find it in France. She found it at the Cordon Bleu in Stockholm.

Nonetheless the gift is greatly appreciated. It is also a bit to her advantage since I promised her fresh madeleines if she got me a pan.


While browsing through madeleine recipes on the interweb, I noticed how nearly all recipes require the use of an electric mixer. Not even the handheld types. The big Kitchenaid standing mixers.

Since we didn’t want people to give us wedding presents, that’s not something I’ll be getting anytime soon. Not to mention we really have no space in our kitchen for something like a standing mixer. Our kitchen is already rather cramped.

But the point is… are there any recipes out there that don’t require a mixer anymore? Do electric mixer cookies/cakes/bread taste better than old fashion wooden spoon/hand cranked mixer/hand knead ones? Sure it takes a bit of sweating and hard work but the creations surely taste just as good if not better…

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