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a little weird but nice

Sunday. 04. 5. 2009.

So Fredrik and I are in a “real” relationship now. We have a piece of paper that confirms it. Matching rings to boot.  🙂


We had dinner with Fredrik’s family at Ulriksdal Wärdshus after the ceremony at the city court. Then hung out with his family at his aunt’s place.

Overall it was a lovely day. I could not ask for a better day to get married. The weather was also great.

Yesterday afternoon/last night we had the potluck with our friends. A couple of Fredrik’s friends couldn’t make it but it was still nice. We learned that 14+ people party in our wee flat was a bit beyond what we can do. We were running a bit late and scrambling to get all the food ready. But in the end it was still nice and it was nice to see our friends.

I do admit that it would’ve been nice if my family could be here but we’ll celebrate again in Canada.

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