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what are you supposed to do

Sunday. 03. 29. 2009.

I think I cook when I’m stressed out. I just baked a batch of “curry corners” and chocolate chip cookies. All comfort food.

On wikipedia, the “curry corners” are called curry beef triangles. It’s not exactly my favourite but it’s the closest to a Jamacian patty.

curry beef corners

I used store bought puff pastry because god knows puff pastry is hard as hell to make.

I used minced beef, seasoned with curry powder, some soy sauce and beef stock. The meat mix is pretty dry otherwise they kind of run out of the pastry and gets a bit messy.

The chocolate chip cookie recipe comes from my favourite TV chef, Alton Brown. I used the thin cookie recipe. I halfed the ingredients but kept the 1 egg since it’s kinda hard to half an egg, not to mention we buy medium eggs.

the thin

I’d give Good Eats a watch if you’ve never heard of Alton Brown before.

You might be thinking, “Hey at least you’re not stress eating.” But that’s where you’re wrong. Who is going to eat the food I made? Me. There are the cats but curry is no good for cats. Neither is chocolate. Although, luckily for me, the guys at work have told me that they’d gladly eat the food I make.

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