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1 week and 2 days

Sunday. 03. 29. 2009.

I’ve been marathoning through 6 seasons (yes 6) of Sex and the City. I picked up the box set from the post office last Friday (21st) and I just put in the last dvd. I’m wondering if I should just watch the movie also.

Here are 25 random facts about me:

  1. I firmly believe that a marriage should last forever.
  2. I have mysterious headaches that the doctor amounts to “too much thinking.”
  3. I periodically check Ull’s butt to make sure he has no dingleberries (definition #3).
  4. I pick the raisins out of the scones at work when I eat them.
  5. Despite getting married in a few days, I still think marriage is something for grown ups and I’m not grown up.
  6. I’m constantly doubting myself and thinking that I’ve messed something up.
  7. I’m envious of my friends’ talents and brains.
  8. I can’t keep white clothes clean even if my life depended on it.
  9. I love cities but I can’t stand the crowds of people.
  10. I get random anxiety attacks over the silliest things.
  11. I love the way our cats smell.
  12. I constantly get food on myself when I’m eating.
  13. I constantly worry that I’m not a good match for Fredrik.
  14. I wish I’m at least 5 inches taller.
  15. I know very well that I can be skinnier but I love food too much.
  16. Sometimes I hang on to things for too long.
  17. In a way I kind of wish our friends are giving us wedding gifts but it’s not the end of the world.
  18. I would’ve loved to keep my hair red but was too lazy to bleach and dye it so often.
  19. I like animals more than people.
  20. I check Facebook way too often.
  21. Every so often I drink milk/juice/pop from a wine glass just because I think it’s fun.
  22. I check out the haircuts of other men on the subway and try to envision them on Fredrik in case he ever decides to cut his hair.
  23. I hate wearing bras.
  24. I joke about Fredrik being my sugar daddy.
  25. I’m still uncertain about how long I want to be medicated.
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