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some women

Thursday. 03. 26. 2009.

Certain characters in Sex and the City desplay the typical shoe fanatic. I could never bring myself to spend $500 on a pair of shoes. Especially ones that look like they would hurt quite a bit.

But I do however have a thing for kitchen things. I can’t explain why I love kitchen things so much but as Fredrik puts it, I would need at least 3 kitchens to fit all the stuff I want.

I also have an obsession with stationary. I ordered my pens from the interweb because I couldn’t find one that I wanted in a shop. Most people are content with their pens simply working. Mine has to be… well… there are specifications.

I will admit to being a “bag lady” as Fredrik puts it. Of all the things most women find themselves attracted to, I love bags. Despite using 1 bag most of the time, I have a collection of handbags, purses and messenger bags that I use periodically. It got a bit ridiculous for a while because my bag kept getting bigger and bigger until I was carrying a Lululemon gym bag and it was giving me pain in my shoulders. That’s when I learned that I shouldn’t bring EVERYTHING I own, including the kitchen sink.

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