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1 week left

Thursday. 03. 26. 2009.

This time next week, I will change my title to become a MRS from a MISS.

The guys at work asked me today if I was scared.

I felt a tinge of fear the other night. More because the whole idea of marriage feels like it’s reserved for those who have “grown up” and here I am, soon to be married. I feel like a little girl playing dress up in her mother’s high heels and pearls.

I will admit that for the most part I’m feeling excitement. Happy excitement.

There’s been a couple occasions in the past month that I’ve referred to Fredrik as my “fiancé”. This time next week, he will be my husband. What an idea.

There were also a few moments in the past month that I had no idea what to call Fredrik because the term “fiancé” felt so strange and ridiculous.

I wonder how I feel about calling him my husband when I talk to people. What other terms can I use? My “hubby”?

I also can’t wait to wear my rings. They looks so pretty. I’m glad my mom talked me into getting a diamond engagement ring.  (^_^)

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