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a meaningful gift

Tuesday. 03. 24. 2009.

It’s hard to give a gift to someone that can just buy what he wants before he even tells me that he wants it. The stuff he does tell me about is beyond my spending abilities.

So I make a lot of things for Fredrik. Paintings, drawings, little notes, you know. He saves EVERYTHING. Even those “Remember to take out the trash before you go on tour!” notes I leave.

Giving a gift to someone has always been tough. I want to give something meaningful.

Most of my gifts have been greeted with smiles and gratitude. But there has been disappointments.

Mind you the disappointment is usually because the recipient doesn’t understand the meaning behind the gift. It’s not that I was off, they’re just stupid.

Actually, there’s only been 1 disappointment.

I was 16, it was a gift for my then-boyfriend. I gave him a box with somethings that made me think of him/reminded him of me. It was a heart-shaped box (inspired by Nirvana’s song) and it contained a Lego man with long hair dressed in black, which I took from my brother’s Legos (which was greeted with, “This is a girl!” Not MY fault he had long hair.), a wee bottle of black nail polish (he thought it was for him even though it was to remind him of me), and a heart stamp (no complaints).

Looking back, he did NOT deserve the gift.

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