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perhaps it’s me

Wednesday. 02. 25. 2009.

The other day after class, a classmate was a bit upset over the fact that we have to hand in a couple of written assignments. He complaining about how our teacher doesn’t understand that we have other classes too.

I was boggled by his complaints.

At the present moment, we have 3 classes in the course that I’m taking right now. Writting, grammar and speaking. We have to hand in a written assignment (often 200 word “essays”) and the rest is work done in workbooks. Every so often we have group assignments but those are just minor presentations and little seminars.

This guy apparently is taking a class on top of our 3 classes. So that makes 4.

4 classes.


Did I mention that we’re in post secondary level schooling?

What would he do if he was in a real university situation? I had 5 courses in different departments when I went to York and let me tell you, the profs and T.A.s do not give a rats ass if you have a 3 20 page essays due on the same day.

The most amazing thing is that there are others in the class that agree with this guy.

The other day on my way home from school, I ran into another classmate on the train and he asked if I think we have too much homework. Sure, I don’t do ALL my homework but I try to get most of it done. He honestly thinks we have too much homework.

Some of these people have studied at a university level. This should not be new or shocking!

I WORK on top of going to school. I complain about being bored out of my skull with the free time I had before I got this job.

I WORKED the entire time I was at Seneca. THAT was a lot of homework. Most of us didn’t sleep during the school year. We slept in the summer.

I can’t believe people are honestly complaining about the amount of work we get in this course.

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