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it’s happening

Wednesday. 02. 25. 2009.

I feel a bit weird when I think about the fact that Fredrik and I are going to seal the deal.

No… not feeling like I’m making a mistake.

More like… I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

The fact that we have an appointment at the court house only makes it even more “OMG!”

I just didn’t think the day would come. Actually… make that more like I had no expectations for the day. I would’ve gone on living happily with Fredrik if he didn’t bring up the idea of marriage.

So yeah… April 2nd. Day after my birthday.

I would get married at the same age as my mom. 26.

No plans to pop out a mini-me at the same age though.

We even picked out our rings today. Just hope they’ll have my size in time for the ceremony. There’s talk of engraving. I have no idea what I would want engraved. The lady at the store said that it’s common to put the spouse’s name and the wedding date. I was thinking that I’d like something more… me. “Cat punch” came to mind.

On another note.

Since we’re keeping our names because I’m too lazy to get all my accounts and documents changed, I’ll just be changing my title. Which means I’ll be Mrs. Chan. I’m curious if I’ll get asked about Mr. Chan.

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  1. iryvius permalink
    Friday. 02. 27. 2009. 6.52 pm

    I had a dream about you last night…..
    We were at someone else’s wedding which *I* organized (for some reason. lol)
    And you were majorly preggers….and your hair was really short and blue-tipped. hahaha

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