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but pancakes are for thursday

Tuesday. 02. 24. 2009.

Ahhh… pancake Tuesday. At least it is in Canada. I’m not catholic but I do enjoy pancakes.

The Swedes however eat a “semla“. Apparently the Finns, Norwegian and Danish do too. Traditionally they’re eaten in a bowl of hot milk.

I’m not a fan of semla. Don’t like almond paste. Could’ve been the semla I had years ago but they’re kind of bland and I would rather have my maple syrup covered pancakes.

According to history King Adolf Fredrik died shortly after eating a meal that included 14 servings of semla.

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  1. Tuesday. 02. 24. 2009. 9.37 am

    Are you going to give 14 maple syrup covered pancakes a go? And see if you survive??

    Savoury pancake recipe with an Italian twist on

  2. souvenir kattunge permalink*
    Tuesday. 02. 24. 2009. 6.30 pm

    Seeing that I have a pan to make small pancakes… I’m pretty sure I can handle 14 syrup covered pancakes.

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