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Sunday. 02. 15. 2009.

The boat experience was some what enlightening.

Denise learned that she didn’t fair so well on a boat.

Fredrik and I learned that we don’t particularly like the whole boat thing.

Denise and I learned that we like our metal best on dry ground.

Denise and I learned that barfing on oneself is a great way to turn someone down.

Sounds a bit confusing?

It started off pretty good. We stuffed ourselves at the buffet.

Drink count:
Fredrik – 1 bottle of red wine
Denise – 1 glass of beer, 1 glass of Sprite & white wine
Me – 1 glass of Sprite & white wine

Misery Index played an awesome set.

This is when things started to get a bit… interesting.

After seeing that the boys had gone to the duty free shop, Denise and I went to check it out. We walked out with 1 litre of black currant vodka and 6-pack of Sprite.

We wandered around for a bit, went out on to the deck for a cigarette and hang out with random people.

Did I mention that we were drinking giant plastic cups of vodka and Sprite?

At some point, Miikka becomes M.I.A.

Fredrik, Denise and I are wandering around some more, end up in the cafeteria looking for food. Fredrik and I get sandwiches and Denise gets a slice of Hawaiian pizza (vital part of the adventure).

Fredrik wanders off without saying a word to pass out in our cabin.

Denise and I decide to make 1 more round to look for the Misery Index boys before passing out.

Stopped in the “stage area” for a cigarette. A wee lad sends his friend over to inform us that he’s interested in “fucking” Denise. We’re trying hard not to burst out in laughter.

The wee lad tries to sweet talk with Denise while his friends and I make up the peanut gallery. The wee lad does get us a bottle of water, cups with ice and pours it for us and all. How gentleman of him.

This part gets a bit hazy and rather funny.

I’m talking to the lad’s friend when I hear Denise whimper my name. She’s apparently puked on herself. Was it the booze? Was it the pizza? OR WAS IT THE LAD?

We scramble over the back of the couch thing we’re sitting on to run off to the bathroom. On the way, we run into Sparky and Adam.

Adam thought it would be funny to come into the bathroom with us. He’s running around in the bathroom going, “Ouuu! I’m in the girl’s bathroom!” It’s all fun and games until he realizes that Denise was puking. He makes a speedy exit out of the bathroom.

Denise manages to wash the puke off her dress but neglects the chunks in her hair. Some more washing and we decide to go back to our room so she can change.

On our way to our room, Denise encounters her nemesis, the stairs.

Things are getting a bit more hazy because I’m really tired.

Denise goes to change, I get into bed and we never end up leaving our cabin until the next day.

Friday was a bit miserable because Denise and Miikka are sick. I learned that I prefer to be home, comfortable and not be around a bunch of drunk weirdos.

That’s when Fredrik and I decided not to ever go on another cruise unless there were some seriously good bands.

Turns out, Denise and I drank nearly half the bottle of vodka.

Denise and I spend most of Friday drinking tea in the cafeteria.

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  1. iryvius permalink
    Monday. 02. 23. 2009. 3.51 am

    You CAN say that Denise’s cup runneth over!!!

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