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friends and their opinions

Sunday. 02. 8. 2009.

Fredrik and I have gone into a bit of a straightening mode. I’m not terribly concerned. He’s actually less stressed out than he would normally be.

I think that it’s strange how he freaks out when we have friends coming over for dinner. Oh the cleaning and the scrubbing.

Firstly, I don’t invite friends over to critique the state of my living condition. Secondly, my friends are not going to care if my place is a mess. They know me better than to be bothered by my place being a mess. To them, mess and me go hand in hand. There hasn’t been many people that can top my ability to explode into a space.

If my mom were to read this, she would call me shameless. At that, I laugh.

Now I’m not saying that I think Fredrik is ridiculous (well… maybe just a little) but it’s interesting that he thinks his friends will talk shit behind his back because our flat might be a mess. I don’t really think that they would care but then again I also don’t mind having a clean flat every so often.

I just wish the motivation in the cleaning is not because we’re afraid of other people thinking bad of us and rather more because it’s nice to have a clean flat every so often.

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