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not american

Wednesday. 02. 4. 2009.

It’s not unoften that people ask if I’m American based on the way I speak. I usually correct them.

Sometimes people understand.

Other times, people are either stupid enough to say, “That’s the same.” or they just don’t understand why I would correct their assumption.

Why should I even explain why I want people to understand that I’m from Canada? Could it be that Canadians are NOT Americans? 2 TOTALLY different countries.

It’s like if one were to say that the Welsh or the Irish or the Scottish are the same as the English. There’s a difference!!

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  1. D.I.D. permalink
    Saturday. 11. 21. 2009. 9.53 pm

    Of course there is a difference. But we Canadians aren’t making our image any more distinct by screaming we are ‘not’ Americans in a paranoid and often rude manner. The social ethos of Canadians (and Quebecois in particular) are just as distinct from the Americans as is it from the British, Australians, and the French. The cultural differences are not huge, but they are there. What self respecting nation defines itself as what it is not? Why do we always ‘need’ to defame the Americans just to make ourselves feel different? We need to stop this nonsense; if Canadians would take the time to study Canadian society and history and culture, we would be very reassured that we are infact unique. Its time to stop humiliating the Americans and making ourselves look like morons and to actually develop a REAL identity. The seed is there. Just add water.

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