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Wednesday. 02. 4. 2009.

I haven’t worn a bra for nearly 2 years, unless it was absolutely necessarily.

I have 2 pink shirts that require me to wear a bra and if it weren’t for the fact that I absolutely love the shirts, I would not bother wearing them.

Bras are uncomfortable things. There’s a theory that a bra can be comfortable when you’re wearing the correct bra. It’s estimated that nearly 100% of all women in the world have improperly fitted bras.

There was a point in time when one could get a non padded and wired bra. Nowadays it’s like trying to find a diamond in your oatmeal.

I went bra shopping today. (My only white bra that is really on it’s last legs turned blue from a laundry mishap.) Not only could I not find a bra that was not padded or have underwires, I couldn’t find a cotton bra. (After the polyamid knickers of 2005, I cannot wear synthetic underthings without feeling like I’ve caught on fire. Synthetic bras = itchy nipples)

Every bra at H&M looked like they’ve been carved out of styrofoam and when worn, they felt like someone was poking me in the chest with a couple of sticks.

I want to know who designed these bras. I’m going assume that it’s someone who has never tried on these bras.

On our way out, I spoted some unpadded bras without underwire. “Jackpot!” I thought.

They fit every one of my requirements. Comfortable, unpadded, no underwires AND made of cotton. EXCEPT they’re maternity bras.

I bought them anyways.

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  1. Wednesday. 02. 4. 2009. 8.46 pm

    Stumbled across your blog just now and your post caught my eye – I have some LOVELY handmade (not by me) bras and panties bookmarked for my next post (tonight I hope. ) Stop by if you have a moment. 🙂

  2. souvenir kattunge permalink*
    Thursday. 02. 5. 2009. 7.53 pm

    Thanks for the tip. I think I will stop by.

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