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25 random things

Tuesday. 02. 3. 2009.

A friend of mine tagged me with the deed of writing 25 random things about me.

  1. I sniff pens but to get a high but because I like the smell of certain pen inks.
  2. I’m not very good with money.
  3. When I try to dress “maturely”, I usually end up looking and feeling like a little kid playing dress up with her mother’s clothes and heels.
  4. I’m conflicted about getting married. Not because I’m not sure about marrying Fredrik but more because I never thought it would happen to me and so soon.
  5. I know I’m not stupid but I really don’t think I’m that smart.
  6. I don’t like to be the responsible one but I also can’t stand not knowing what the hell is going on.
  7. I don’t feel completely bad for being a bitch to people. I feel that it’s usually justified.
  8. My oral class teacher used to give me anxiety attacks.
  9. I am on medication to keep my depression at bay but I wouldn’t have my bipolar disorder “cured” if one were to be invented.
  10. I am so in love with my CRV that I really don’t want to drive/own another car.
  11. I’m fully aware of the fact that I have a very fortunate life.
  12. I think going to a bar is really boring.
  13. I’m usually right about people when I get a “bad” feeling about them when I meet them.
  14. I think a lot of people are feckin’ idiots.
  15. I don’t brush my teeth before I go to bed. (I know I should.)
  16. I blow raspberries on our cats’ bellies.
  17. I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends. I want to smack her and people like her.
  18. Sometimes I want to run into my ex (not saying which one) to gloat about how wonderful life is without them.
  19. I can’t stand most girls and their girliness.
  20. I have a slight obsession with stationary and kitchen gadgets.
  21. I love organization but can’t be organized enough to stay organized.
  22. If Fredrik and I broke up, I would like to go out with a girl.
  23. Sometimes I lick Ull’s face.
  24. I usually can care less about what others think of me but can’t stand the idea of someone not liking me.
  25. I look through catalogues and circle the things I want.
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